There is a lot that is rather different about Don - Ritz Hotels. Not just the name,
but a whole new perspective on merging fitness with convenience. This is the boutique 
hotel that feels more like a traditional exclusive country club than a hotel
Our Sports and Leisure facilities, which are second to none, include :

A state of the art gym with personal changing rooms and lockers.
Squash court.
Swimming pool.
Table tennis etc.

Use of our leisure facilities is complimentary to all resident guests. 
All non-resident guests will have to become members to use the sports facilities. 
However the best part about our sports club package is that our sports and club 
membership schemes are the choices on offer of single/couple/family packages lasting over 
3 Months/6 Months or 12 Months.

Do come in and view our facilities for yourself. We offer discounted rates to various companies 
and their staff.
Our facilities are bright and airy, and makes exercise a pleasure. Whether you want to relax by the 
pool, play with the kids or train to run a marathon, our Centre’s facilities will ensure you reach 
your goals.